Sports Massage
with Sharna

Sports Massage is the systematic manipulation of soft tissue surrounding muscles, fascia, tendons and fibrous tissue in order to guide the muscle to relaxation or release tension in that area. Massage therapy and its response can positively affect the cardiovascular system, lymphatic and immune system, skin and related structures, nervous and endocrine system, respiratory system, digestive system and urinary system. It has many physiological and psychological benefits.

Price list:
45 mins - R420
60 mins - R530
90 mins - R740

45 mins - R1700 for 5 sessions (valid for 3 months)
60 mins - R2150 for 5 sessions (valid for 3 months)


Our resident Fit Panda sports massage therapist, Sharna, is passionate about helping people and showing them the abundant healing power that resides in their bodies. Some of the physiological and psychological benefits are listed below:

  • Increase blood flow and delivery of nutrients and oxygen to cells and tissues

  • Reduced muscle tension and neurological excitability

  • Increased range of motion owing to an increase in muscle compliance 

  • Decreased passive and active stiffness.

  • Reduced muscle fatigue.

  • Enhanced local microcirculation and lymph flow, promoting removal of waste products

  • Increased neuromuscular function

  • Enhancing immune function, increasing white blood cell count

  • Reducing scar tissue and decreasing edema

  • Long lasting effects on some specific injuries or pathologic conditions

  • Reduction in anxiety and low mood ( research based on measured cortisol levels)

  • Stimulates endorphins

  • Stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, promoting general homeostasis.

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