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104 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village

Fit Panda studio aims to create a space for happy movement, where we can find a mental and emotional state of well being. Exercise is not just about the physical benefits (which are also great!) but is an essential part of wellness. Susan, the studio owner, chose the panda as her image to portray that sense of wellbeing, playfulness and happiness which we aim to bring to each of our clients during their sessions. 

We offer group and private pilates, barre and yoga sessions, as well as group rebounder classes to cater to everyone's needs and goals!


Group class instructors:

Bounce30 - Pilates

'Exercise is my therapy, and I love to share the joy of movement with others. I love the challenge of keeping my classes creative and fun whilst still ensuring everyone can find focus and self improvement within every session.' - Sue


Studio owner, Pilates & Bounce
BASI Pilates Mat
BASI Pilates Comprehensive
Barre, Bounce & Pilates

'Movement has always been an integral part of my life. I believe in creating a safe space for you to enjoy and cherish what your body can do, focusing on present and mindful exercise. In my classes you can expect to move creatively, breathe deeply and smile as your muscles strengthen and lengthen.' - Hannah


Barre fitness, Bounce & Pilates
Ballet & Modern qualified teacher
Pilates Advanced Mat (STOTT)
Merrithew Total Barre instructor
Barre & Bounce30

'From the beginning of my fitness journey I also strived to make everyone welcome. My classes are fun and energetic with lots of laughs. I aim for everyone to leave my class happy and full of energy.'

- Karen


Barre & Bounce30
Barre Body instructor
Pre and post natal course
(Conscious Movement)
Yoga - Pilates

'A qualified pilates, callanetics and yoga instructor. I love to help clients unlock their potential and move safely and gracefully through every phase of life!'

- Bernie


Yoga Vinyasa & Pilates
Pilates Mat
Callanetics (CTASA)

Vinyasa Yoga
Pre & Post Natal Yoga
(Conscious Movement)
Sensual Floorwork

'Everyone has a sensual side to themselves. Everyone can move in a way that makes them feel connected to their bodies, and in my classes this what we explore.

I provide a framework of movements and skills to help you find your flow.'



Sensual Floorwork & Stretch
Professional Burlesque artist
& Pole Dancer

'I love that pilates brings focus to functional movement and mobility. Allowing everyone a better understanding and appreciation of their bodies.'


BASI Mat Pilates
Qualified Dietician
Pilates & Barre
Private Pilates

'I am passionate about precise movement and the principles of pilates. My classes are technically challenging but remain accessible to everyone. '


Pilates & Barre
Pilates Comprehensive
(BCP in London)
(High Intensity Power Pilates)

Private session instructors:

Private Pilates
Sports massage

'I love to assist people in
showing them how to use the abundant healing power that resides in their bodies. I let my intuition
and empathic tendencies guide me. My interests lie in biomechanics and holistic healing.' - SHARNA


Pilates, Rehab pilates
Sports massage
Ballet and modern qualified teacher
Pilates, Yoga  (HFPA)
Post-Rehabilitation specialist (PTCS)

Sports Massage Therapist

'My aim  is for you to walk out after a class feeling better, both in the physical and mental, than you did before your session. To help build body awareness within the class and to carry that through into your life.'


Private Pilates

Private Pilates
Body Control Pilates

Our gorgeous studio space is available for hire at an hourly rate.

Ideal for workshops, courses or even photo shoots.

Contact us to find out more!


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Fit Panda Studio

104 2nd Avenue, Harfield Village

Claremont 7708

Cape Town

Contact the studio owner Sue to book your FREE trial session:

watsapp : 076 910 6365